ACME Foodstuff Trading LLC was established in Dubai with a single objective to deliver the very best products from around the world to its clients spread across the world. Dubai in the UAE has been the international hub for world class trading with the most modern infrastructure for global business.

Acme Foodstuff Trading LLC, has also expanded its offices across in Pakistan, Vietnam & China, renowned for bulk trade of Grains, Spices, Oil Seeds, Gums, & Herbs.

We at ACME foodstuff trading LLC firmly believe that it is our responsibility to ensure all our clients receive,  the very best and the highest quality of products at the most reasonable prices , and we deliver the requirements meeting the most stringent timelines , and carry out our Client`s orders accurately and without delays, 24×7 and 365 days a year.

Our products are sourced from across the world to our global clientele

We are committed to making a contribution to the community we live and work in, we strive every-day to supply better products, with greater care, both from the standpoint of hygiene and the microbiological profile.

ACME’s philosophy is aimed at delivering value to its clients, and earning unsurpassed reputation for our services and products, not only in the UAE food market , but across the regions we source, we deliver and we develop our distribution.  We welcome new opportunities to expand, to partner in developing and expansion of our products reaching newer destinations across the world.

ACME Foodstuff trading In Pakistan through its sister concern Company “Al Faizan Corporation” owns and operates a fully automatic rice processing Plant. Our rice mill was established in 2006, designed to supply best quality rice from Pakistan to international rice importers, distributors and retailers around the world. We operate a processing mill, fully equipped with modern machinery and spacious warehouses that is operated by well-trained and skilled staff, supervised by a professional management team.

In Vietnam, ACME food stuff trading has its office with more than a dozen high specialized multilingual Staff, which caters to supplying the oil seeds to local Market. Our products from the Vietnamese Agriculture are exported to global foods stuff markets as well.

Expanding to newer territories and constantly delivering the very best from the world to the world, we believe in nurturing new business relationships and adding more value to the existing clientele, continuing to serve our clients with a proven track record, ACME foodstuff trading is your first choice to connect with the highly resourceful and the very best quality products to meet your requirements.